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Aadhaar Card Update : if your Aadhar card If your date of birth i.e. date of birth has gone wrong, then you can easily correct it. This is the way to follow it.

if you too Aadhar card The date of birth has gone wrong due to some reason, and you have to use any other ID again and again.Likeni can fix | For this you have to follow some steps and very easily Aadhar card May date of birth gets updated.
Actually, many people are troubled by this problem. date of birth on aadhar card up dayt There are ways for you to get it done, online and offline.

Aadhaar Card Update 2022

Some documents required to update date of birth :-

You must have some documents so that you can prove that your date of birth given on the card is wrong, documents like:- Passport, PAN card, Birth certificate, or otherwise by any government institution, mark sheet or any other type by the university. Document from which date of birth can be proved.

Aadhaar Card Update can change your date of birth like this.

  1. 1. To change your date of birth on Aadhar card, first you have to click on it ,
  2. 2. You have to enter the number registered in your Aadhar card and OTP will be sent on it.
  3. 3. The OTP received on the mobile number has to be typed and submitted.
  4. 4. After this you will get the date update orTake have to click on the option
  5. 5. Select Language.
  6. 6. Select the required documents, which documents can be attached You can know that by clicking here ,
  7. 7. After submitting the document, you will get the URN number, through the URN number you will be able to know the status of your Aadhar card.

Let us also tell you that you can do all these processes offline, for this you have to uidai.gov.in From Aadhaar Card Update Form has to be downloaded. By filling and signing this form, as well as attaching the necessary documents with it, you will have to send it through post. Aadhaar Card dob Update , Aadhaar Card dob Update

Let us tell you that through this offline process Aadhaar Card Update Under this, you can update both your address and mobile number, although you can also take the help of Aadhaar Enrollment Agency to change the mobile number.

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