Happy Hindi Diwas Messages


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Happy World Hindi Day

happy hindi day

Hindi Diwas ke bare me: January 10, 2023, is the 15th World Hindi Day celebrated in India and internationally. This tradition was started by the former Prime Minister of the country, Dr. Manmohan Singh in 2006. The occasion is celebrated in Indian embassies and government offices, which organize lectures on various topics in Hindi on the occasion. The World Hindi Conference was started in 1975, the first conference was held on January 10, 1975 in Nagpur, India and thus, the day was marked as World Hindi Day. The aim of these conferences was also to promote and promote Hindi as a language at the international level.

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Hindi Diwas Wishes Messages

Hindi Diwas ki jankari: World Hindi Day should not be confused with Hindi Divas which falls on 14 September every year. It is celebrated to honor and praise the work of poets, writers and writers who use Hindi language for their craft.


When is International Hindi Day celebrated?

World Hindi Divas (International Hindi Day) every year on 10 January is celebrated Is.

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When is National Hindi Day celebrated?

Hindi Divas (National Hindi Day) every year on 14 September is celebrated Is.

What is the theme of National Hindi Day 2021?

“New World, New India, New Hindi ” by Hansraj College & Mahakavi Jaishankar Prasad Foundation.

Where was the World Hindi Conference held for the first time?

Let us inform that for the first time in the year 1975, on 10 January, the World Hindi Conference was organized for the first time. This event was organized in Nagpur, Maharashtra to give a different identity to Hindi across the world. 122 delegates from 30 countries participated in this conference.

Hindi Diwas Slogans

Hindi Diwas Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye for Whatsapp Status

Hindi is the pride of Hindustan, Hindi is the identity of every Hindustani, Hindi is the unique tradition of unity, Hindi is the desire of every heart. Best wishes to all of you on Hindi Diwas.

If India wants to uplift,
So Hindi has to be adopted,
English is “subject-only”,
And Hindi has to be made “compulsory”.


Who is not proud of his language,
Will he be in love with the country,
That hero is the beloved of the country,
Hindi is its slogan.

Let’s leave the language,
Hindi is an insult
Write, teach and speak.
Hindi is its pride.


Message writing on Hindi Diwas

The power of speakers is Hindi language,
The pride of the author is Hindi language,
Sitting on top of languages,
My favorite Hindi language.

Hindi Diwas is a festival,
We are proud of this
Respected our national language,
We all have this desire.


Let us all give respect together,
Be proud of your language
The dot on the forehead of Hindustan
Hindi should become the soul of the people.

We have decided on Hindi Diwas,
To awaken the self-respect of Hindi among the people,
We all have pride in Hindi,
Hindi is the pride of India.


Hindi Diwas ki Shubhkamnaye dete hue sandesh

Our unity and integrity is the identity of our country, we are Hindustani and Hindi is our language. Best wishes to all of you on Hindi Diwas.

In this country full of diversities, there is a flower of languages ​​​​in which we have the most beloved Hindi mother tongue. Best wishes to all of you on Hindi Diwas.

Hindi is India’s hope, Hindi is India’s language. Best wishes to all of you on Hindi Diwas.

Hindi and Hindustan are ours and we are its pride, our heart is one and our soul is ours. Happy Hindi Diwas

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Hindi Diwas quotes in hindi


“Warm wishes on Hindi Diwas to everyone. Let us always take pride in speaking Hindi because it is our mother tongue.”

“Speaking in Hindi is nothing to be ashamed of. Let us speak in Hindi and promote our language. Happy Hindi Diwas to everyone.”


“On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, let us make everyone aware of the important of Hindi in our lives. Happy Hindi Diwas.”

“As we get eager to learn other languages, we must not forget how special our own Hindi is. Warm wishes on World Hindi Day.”

“The occasion of Hindi Diwas reminds us all that how beautiful is the language of Hindi is and we must always respect it. Happy Hindi Diwas 2023.”

Hindi Divas Greeting Messages Images Greetings

We are all proud of Hindi India is the pride of the country Hindi

Hindi is not the language but it is the expression of feelings, it is the devotion to die for the motherland.” Happy Hindi Day


Sweet, simple is lovely. I love my Hindi. happy hindi day

Hindi is not a language, it is an expression of emotion. This is devotion to the motherland, to die. happy hindi day


Hindi is my Iman, Hindi is my identity. I am Hindi, my country is also my beloved Hindustan. happy hindi day

Hindi is our national language, Hindi is dear to us. The melodious voice of Hindi, we love every moment. happy hindi day


happy hindi day

“Hindi ka sammaan kare, aao hum us mridu bhasha ka gungaan kare..”

“Angrezi ka hum par assar hogya…Hindi ka mushkil safar hogya…Aab mai aapse ijazat chahti huin… Hindi ki sabse hifazat chahti huin”

“Bhari puri ho sabhi boliyan… yahi kamna Hindi hai…gehri ho pehchan aapsi…yahi sadhna Hindi hai”


“Hindi ke bina Hindustan utna hi adhura hai jitna saanso ke bina ye Jeevan…. Hindi Diwas ki dher saari shubh kamnayein.”

“Hindi bhasha Bharat ka wo gehna hai jo sada Bharat ko sajata rahega aur sada hi humari shaan bankar chamakta rahega…. Hindi Diwas ki badhai.”

Speakers strength language,
The pride of the author is the language,
Sitting on top of languages,
my lovely hindi language
happy hindi day 2023


Poster, Slogan, Couplet, Suvichar, Shayari, few lines in Hindi on Hindi Day

Unity is life
Hindi is the pride of the country.

Hindi is settled in every particle,
My mother’s quote is also settled in it,
I mean Hindi
Hindi is my pride.


My language progress is there,
the root of all progress,
Without my own linguistic knowledge,
Don’t get lost.

Pride of your country in hand,
You become great by adopting Hindi.

I am a golden dot adorned on the spear of Mother India,
I am the daughter of India, your own Hindi.


This is the wish of all of us,
Hindi became the national language.

Happy World Hindi Day

Hindi is my pride
Hindi is my identity
I am Hindi, my country is also my beloved Hindustan.

Hindustan is from Hindi,
That’s why this country is great,
I have sacrificed my everything for the advancement of my language.


Hindi is not a language but an expression of feelings.
This is devotion to die for the motherland.

In which I have dreamed,
To which my every hope is attached,
that gave me recognition,
That is my Hindi language.

Writing couplets, poems, slogans on Hindi Diwas

You will be separated from us,
If English survives.
our existence will disappear
If Hindi will disappear.

happy hindi day

I am that language
Where you sing and laugh

I am that language
In which you create your happiness and sorrow.
Jai Hindi! Jai Hind!


Hindi is our national language…
Hindi is very dear to us…
The melodious voice of Hindi…
We love every moment…
Happy Hindi day.

Hindi should be promoted
lead the way to progress
not only for one day
Nit Hindi Diwas to be celebrated

Hindi and Hindustan is ours,
And we are its pride.
Our heart is one
And one is our life.
happy hindi day


Hindi is not a language but an expression of feelings.
This is devotion to die for the motherland.
Hearty congratulations on Hindi Diwas.

Hindi Divas wishes messages for Instagram

Hindi Diwas reminds each one of us to learn Hindi and spread awareness about this language. Happy World Hindi Day.

“Hindi is a very scientific language and we must celebrate its uniqueness on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. Warm wishes on this special day to all.”


“Hindustan ki shaan aur pehchan hai Hindi….. Hindustan ka abhiman hai Hindi…. Hindi Diwas ke paavan parv par hardik badhaiyan!!!”

“Hindi Diwas humein yaad dilata hai Hindi bhasha ki taraf humara kartavya, use sanjo kar rakhne ka aur ise humari aane wali pidhiyo ko iske sundar roop mein saupne ka.”

Hindi is settled in every particle,
My mother’s quote is also settled in it,
I mean Hindi
Hindi is my pride.


Hindi Diwas Quotes | precious thoughts on hindi day

“Hindi aur Hindustan ka har Hindustani ke saath wahi ek naata hai jo ek dil ka dhadkan se aur ek maa ka apne bachche se…. Hindi Diwas ke avsar par dher saari badhai!!!”

“Hindi Diwas humein yaad dilata hai ki humein hamesha garv hona chahiye Hindi par aur humare andar jazba hona chahiye Hindi ke aaj aur aane wale kal ko lekar.”

“Hindi is very beautiful and very logical and we must always appreciate it for its uniqueness. Happy Hindi Diwas to all.”


“With the growth of Hindu culture, the growth of Hindi as a language is something inevitable. Happy International Hindi Day to everyone.”

Wishing a very Happy Hindi Diwas to you. Let us add more purpose to this day by promising ourselves to always stand for the honor of our mother tongue.


My best wishes to all the countrymen on World Hindi Day. Our Hindi is one of the rich languages ​​of the world as well as our culture and identity. It is a means of uniting the country and is the pride of every Indian.


Hindi is not just a language that binds the country in the thread of unity but is an expression of feelings.. Happy #World_Hindi_Day to all Hindi speakers and Hindi lovers of the world. #HindiDiwas

Wishing you all a very Happy ‘World Hindi Day’. Hindi language, a symbol of Indian pride and national unity, has the highest place in the world due to its wonderful expression. Let us all resolve to uplift Hindi language, one of the most used languages ​​in the world.


Many many wishes to all the nation-lovers of Hindi Diwas, today we take a pledge that our own national language Hindi should be propagated more and more and spread Hindi reading in our green area.


“My mother tongue – my pride”

Wishing you a very Happy #World_Hindi_Day.
Speak, write and read Hindi with pride