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Kishori Shakti Yojana 2022 article of ours is dedicated to our girls i.e. our daughters of India because in this article we are going to give our India’s daughters and readers a scheme run by the Government of India i.e. PM Kishori Shakti Yojana 2022 Want to tell about this so that the daughters of our India can take full advantage of this welfare scheme and make this scheme a success.

In this article, we will give you complete information about the above scheme i.e. Kishori Shakti Yojana 2022, the purpose behind bringing the scheme, the benefits to be received from the scheme as well as how our daughters will be able to apply for this scheme, we will give you complete information about this in our article. I will give it so that more and more Indian daughters are benefited from this welfare scheme and this scheme will be successful.

PM Kishori Shakti Yojana

Basic plan information

We all know that, the condition of women in our country, what has been there before and what will happen in future, we also know this. In our country, when a girl is born, there is sadness, when it comes to her education, her fists are tightened and when it comes to marriage, she is married to anyone without her wish and desire. without his liking.

The condition of women in our country will improve only when our teenagers are aware of their rights, they are brought up properly and they are given a better quality education. For the attainment of these fundamental things, the Government of India has Kishori Shakti Yojana 2022” So that our teenagers can be brought up well, they get good nutritional status, get better education as well as through public outreach, our teenagers get an opportunity to start a business so that they can stand on their own feet and have a To lead a self-reliant life.

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basic objectives of the scheme

The basic objectives of the scheme are as follows-

  1. Kishori Shakti Yojana 2022 has been included in all 453 child development projects to provide better health, nutrition, balanced diet and self-reliance to all our 11 to 18 year old girls.
  2. Departmental supervision, training by ANM and Anganwadi workers by selecting 18 teenage girls from every gram panchayat,
  3. To educate adolescent girls about the things necessary for life along with balanced diet, health care and economic dependence,
  4. After the health check-up of the girl child by the ANM, iron folic acid tablets are provided and sometimes deworming pills are also provided if needed etc.

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List of benefits to be availed from the scheme

If we look at the nature of this scheme, then the more comprehensive this scheme is, the more extensive are the benefits to be received from this scheme, which are as follows-

  • Full attention will be given to the upbringing and nutrition of the girl child.
  • Under this scheme, our teenagers will be given iron and folic acid supplements in a fixed quantity so that their nutritional level remains fine.
  • Under the scheme, they will be educated by making them aware of their nutrition and health.
  • Our teenagers will be educated about the physical changes that take place at the adolescent level, as well as efforts will be made to eliminate the misconceptions spread about these badwao.
  • will be educated about family welfare,
  • Under the scheme, our adolescent girls will be educated about sexual problems and precautions to be taken during reproduction,
  • Under this scheme, public recognition and vocational training will also be provided to our girls so that our girls can become self-reliant and self-empowered etc.

Have a look at the eligibility criteria for applying for the scheme

The list of eligibility which has been issued for the selection of our applying girls under this scheme are as follows –

  • First of all the age of our teenager should be between 11-18 years,
  • Our teenager should be poor and financially weak,
  • Must have an active bank account linked to his/her Aadhar card,
  • Must have mobile number etc.

After fulfilling the above eligibility, our teenager can apply under this scheme and can take full advantage of this scheme.

Have a look at the documents issued under the scheme

We want to tell all our girls about the list of documents issued under this scheme, which can be demanded from our girls during the application of these schemes, which are as follows-

  • To take advantage of the scheme, our teenager must have a valid Aadhar card,
  • Must have age certificate,
  • Must have permanent certificate,
  • Must have caste certificate
  • Must have picture etc.

According to the above documents, only one can apply in this scheme.

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In this way our teenager will be able to apply for this scheme

All the daughters of our India i.e. teenagers will have to apply for this scheme in this way-

  • For this, our teenagers have to first go to the official website issued for this scheme, whose link we are keeping for our daughters, which are as follows –,
  • Our teenagers have to click on this link,
  • After this our teenagers have to go to its home page,
  • After going there, our teenagers will have to download the application form issued for this scheme,
  • Every information asked in the scheme will have to be entered according to the correct documents,
  • All the necessary documents which have been demanded will have to be scanned and uploaded,
  • In the last step, you have to submit this application form and take its receipt.

By the above process, our teenager can easily apply for this scheme and can make this scheme a massive success by taking wide benefit of this scheme.

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Your questions about the plan and our answers

We have got many types of questions from you regarding this scheme, which we have answered in this way-

Question – Which state’s girls will get the benefit of this scheme?

Answer – The benefit of this scheme will not be given to the girl child of any state, but to the daughters of the whole of India.

Question – What are the goals of this scheme?

Answer – The fundamental goal of this scheme is to provide better health facilities to our girls, improve their nutritional status and make them self-reliant by introducing them to social life.

Question – How to apply in the scheme?

Answer – You have to apply online in the scheme and apply only under all the steps decided under the scheme.

Question – What are the things required for the scheme?

Answer – For the scheme, our teenagers will have to fulfill all the documents and qualifications set under the scheme so that our teenager can take advantage of this scheme successfully.

Question – What will be the impact of the plan?

Answer – The scheme will have a positive impact on all our girls because under this scheme the health of our girls will be fully checked, their nutritional level will be improved and they will be made socially self-reliant.